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Artist’s Statement




EDIFICE is an exploration bridging two edifices: light and architecture.  How can something as solid as a building become transformed by the touch of something as graceful as light?  Man’s power is signified through the construction of the metropolis.  Simultaneously, light continues to make its steady impression on man’s work.  The city, represented in these  “unshakeable” forms made by man, dissipates underneath the natural forms of light. 


Through the use of painting and the intaglio printing technique of aquatint etching, I seek to display the transformative interaction of the bold forms of architecture and the power of light.  I have taken photos from my own collection as well as my grandfather’s that display the different effects light makes on architectural structures.  At times, the architecture seems as if it is withstanding the influence of light, barely visible through cracks and alleys.  Other times, light floods onto the a building’s surface, causing the structure to become lost in translucent illumination.


The edifice of light tests the edifice of architecture.  No matter how hard the builder tries to block the light, the light continues to press.




Nikki Francesca Toyama 

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